30 Day Blogging Challenge

Blogging, but for business

More traffic to your website.. More subscribers... More red hot leads = a website that actually works thanks to blogging. In 30 days or less... Is this a free blogging course? Yes, only better!

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FAQs About The Business Blogging Challenge

Yes, this is a completely free blogging course, delivered by email. If you prefer the video version of the business blogging challenge, you can upgrade to the "Next Level" and get the video course. It's as cheap as chips. You'll love it. In fact, you'll love whatever version you do. It's that good. 

Quality content. It's a term thrown around often, but what does it really mean?
Imagine content that speaks directly to your audience, engaging them and providing them with valuable insights. Content that keeps them hooked, making them eager for more.
That, dear friend, is what quality content is all about.  

Now, you might be wondering, "How do I create such content?" That's where the Business Blogging Challenge comes in.

This isn't just an ordinary challenge. No, it's your personal guide, your mentor on this journey of mastering the art of quality content creation.  

Every piece of content you create has the potential to be a masterpiece. It can be a beacon of relevance and utility, sparking engagement within your audience.

And through this free blogging course, you can unlock the secrets to ensuring that every piece of content you churn out is of the highest quality.  

So, are you ready to take this step? Are you prepared to delve deep into the art of crafting quality content?

The Business Blogging Challenge awaits, eager to help you reach your full potential. Your audience deserves quality content, and you have the power to provide it. Let's begin this journey together.

Did you know that businesses that blog see a ginormous 67% increase in traffic? If that doesn't make you raise your eyebrows and get you excited, let me tell you, that's based on crusty old research. Today's figures are probably zooming off the charts. Someone should definitely get on that research, and by someone, we mean anyone other than us. We're too busy helping you out, you see?

Now, here's a truth bomb for you - you can't become a master chef by eating microwave dinners. Same goes for creating quality content. If you aren't producing it, you're effectively giving your content quality a swift kick in the shin. And let's face it, that's gonna hurt.  

Let me spin a little story for you. Photography students were once split into two groups. The first group was told to snap photos like their lives depended on it (quantity), while the second group could only take photos when the divine inspiration of creativity struck them (quality). Guess which group ended up with photos that could make a grown man weep with their beauty? Yep, group one!

The more photos they took, the better they got. The 'wait-for-inspiration' group? Not so much. They were left eating the dust.  The moral of the story? You need to pump out the quantity to unlock the quality.

You can't just sit there, twiddling your thumbs, waiting for a lightning bolt of creativity to strike you out of the blue.  

Here's my ironclad promise to you: if you jump into the business blogging pool, paddling around with all your might, you'll not just stay afloat, you'll be doing backflips and belly flops better than you ever thought possible.  And don't worry, we won't just toss you into the deep end and wave goodbye.

Every day, you'll receive an email with a new blog post idea, complete with a step-by-step guide on how to write it, why it works, and how it can boost your business. There might even be a tip or two on where to sneak in that type of post in your marketing strategy.  Need more support? Upgrade to the aptly named Next Level!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive into the world of blogging and give your business the upgrade it deserves!

It would help you tremendously if had a blog, it is a Blogging Challenge after all. And if the blog is on your website it would be even better. We'll show you how to do that here. If you don't you can use LinkedIn. Of course, there's also Medium and Substack. So in order of preference... Your own blog on your own website, LinkedIn, Medium & Substack.

Why not Facebook blogging? I see you do that?  I must confess, I'm still in the testing phase myself. I test everything in the business Blogging Challenge to make sure it works.  If you stumble upon one of my Facebook blog posts, I'd be over the moon if you shared it with your friends. It's worth noting that, for now, Google doesn't index Facebook blog posts. Naturally, we all want our words to reach as many eager eyes as possible, right? Well, at the moment, the social media platform that takes the crown in that regard is none other than LinkedIn. So, if you're looking to maximize your audience reach, LinkedIn is where it's at!

Go for it! The best results you'll get will come from adding the content to your own website. So open up a blog post, embed your podcast episode into the page, optimise and publish. the same works for videos - open your blog post, paste in your video embed code and then press publish. Your website link is the one you share in the Facebook group. Raw video and podcast links will be removed. 

Picture this: a perfect world where you, my friend, have concocted a clever little scheme to capture email addresses right on your website.
Sounds pretty good, huh? But wait, there's more.

You'll also need a blog, because let's face it, what else are you going to do with all your free time?  Now, hold onto your hats, because you'll need to summon your inner Sherlock Holmes to figure out who your ideal customer is. You'll be penning content just for them, so it's a teensy bit important to know who "they" are, don't you think?  

Oh, and do you have promo tools? No? Well, you might want to change that because, trust me, the ones we recommend are as helpful as a GPS on a road trip through the desert.  

But fear not, dear friend, because when you join our ranks, we don't just leave you to fend for yourself in the wild, wild west of the internet. We send you a nifty little guide to help you wield your new tools like a pro.

Actually, let's just say we send you more than just a guide. We send you a scrumptious package filled to the brim with all the blogging treats you could ever wish for, to make your journey as easy as pie. So, are you ready to embark on this adventure with us?

Now, let's say you're an absolute champ at LinkedIn. In that case, our challenge comes at a whopping cost of...drumroll, please...zero! Nada! Zilch! Yes, you read it right! No hidden fees, no sneaky costs, just pure, unadulterated blogging using LinkedIn.  

But, hey, perhaps LinkedIn's not your playground. Maybe you prefer to keep things close to home, right on your own website. Well, guess what? Your "cost" for our challenge is tucked away neatly in your website costs. In simple words, if you're already paying for your website, then your blogging's freer than a bird on a windy day!  This is the best option in my opinion, because you'll own your own traffic.

Now, we've got a little secret. We know a couple of tools, clever little things, that'll swoop in and make your blogging life a piece of cake. They're not essential, like coffee in the morning, but boy oh boy, will they save you a truckload of time.

And let's face it, time is money, right? So, these tools are pretty much like a friendly neighbourhood superhero for your wallet.  

Now, here comes the cherry on top. If you're a speed demon and want to put your blog growth on hyperdrive, then you might just want to join our Next Level. The entry fee? It's a mere £27 if you jump in on the first day.

If you saunter in within the first two weeks, it's still a very reasonable £47. And after that? It's a absolute steal at £99.  In the Next Level, you get a dazzling array of goodies - videos, audios, templates, additional resources, roadmaps, and oh so much more. It's like the Swiss army knife of blogging, ready to turn you into a blogging ninja.  

Now, think about this. If you thought £99 was a steal, imagine getting all of that for less. I mean, that's not just a bargain, it's an absolute heist! So, come on, fellow adventurer. Join us in the Business Blogging Challenge. It's got your name all over it, and it's time to claim your glory!

Then we have Business Blogging Basics just for you! It's also free, and in 5 swift days you'll write and optimise an attention grabbing blog post, even if you've never blogged before!

Then the next day you carry on as if nothing had happened.
We don't want to hear your excuses. We've heard them all. We've even said a few ourselves. We know when we start to make excuses we rationalise not doing something. So, we recommend you just carry on as if nothing has happened, and maybe even write a post about your blip when you've fully processed it.
We've run this blogging challenge since 2007, and we know you get the very best results when you carry on... 

You mean aside from your website generating traffic and leads, and opportunities finding you? Well, actually... Yes. We have roadmaps within the challenge (it pays to open the emails) and when you've completed day 10, day 20, and day 30 you will get badges that you can put on your LinkedIn profile. If you complete via Next Level you'll gain a certificate of excellence.

Huzzah! Your decision to join the challenge has just sent a round of high-fives echoing through our virtual office!
But hey, don't ghost us after you sign up. Drop me a message using the contact form or give me a shoutout in the Facebook group. That way, I can roll out the red carpet and welcome you into our affiliate program.  

Once you're in, you'll get a shiny new link. Show it off, share it around, and watch as it magically turns into cold hard cash! How, you ask? Well, you'll get a juicy 40% commission on any additional sales made to the Next Level or our other tantalizing programs, like our legendary Traffic Jam SEO, or the Traffic Jam Social.  

But don't worry, we're not into that pushy salesman vibe. Nah, that's not our style and we love it's not your style either. We trust that our audience, yep that includes you, can decide when they're ready to take the leap.  

And did we mention our cookies last longer than your diet resolutions? That's right, they hang around for a cool 60 days. So, why should you join the affiliate program? Well, not only will you be helping others, but you'll also be fattening up your wallet with an extra revenue stream.

Stepping into your Next Level is like admitting that your traffic, your audience, is more valuable than a golden goose. So, don't just shrug it off and do this gig for free. I mean, you can if you want, and save me the paperwork, but honestly, I'd much rather we were in this together, supporting each other like two peas in a pod.  

And the best part? We pay up every 30 days from the month's end, and all that lovely dough comes to you via PayPal. So, are you ready to partner up and hit the big leagues? Let's get this show on the road!

Good things actually... A lot of good things.

30 Day Blogging Challenge

Your business will thank you for joining!

I have read and agree to the terms & conditions.