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Introducing "First Page Famous" - Your Ticket to SEO Success!

Before First Page Famous SEO used to be completely frustrating...

  • Understanding Algorithm Updates: Search engines, especially Google, frequently update their algorithms, which can drastically affect website rankings. Keeping up with these changes can be frustrating. And they're boring. Incredibly boring and hard to consume. Like a really bitter lemon...
  • Keyword Selection: Identifying the right keywords to target can be challenging. It's a balance between choosing keywords relevant to the business and those that potential customers are likely to use in searches, and then people give them names like long tail and expect you to know what it means! Is it a peacock? They have long tails?
  • Content Creation: Creating high-quality, engaging, and keyword-optimized content on a regular basis can be a daunting task, especially for those who are not naturally inclined to write. And high quality? What the frick does that mean?
  • Changing SERP Features: With the continuous evolution of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features like snippets, local packs, and knowledge graphs, staying visible and relevant can be challenging. Just hearing the word SERPS has you reaching for a glass of wine...
  • Measuring ROI: Determining the return on investment for SEO efforts can be challenging, especially when considering indirect benefits like brand recognition and trust. Which makes it sound great but what does it actually mean????
  • Time-Consuming Process: SEO is not a quick fix but a long-term strategy. It requires patience and consistent effort, which can be frustrating for website owners wanting immediate results. Like me. Like yesterday. But it's not a sprint, it's a marathon and different skills and mindset is needed for the marathon...
  •  Technical SEO: The technical aspects of SEO, like optimizing page speed, mobile-friendliness, and creating XML sitemaps, can be complex and confusing and the author of the instructions may have well been speaking Chinese for all you've understood!
  • Link Building: Earning high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites is a significant part of SEO, but it's often difficult and time-consuming to execute successfully, and it can be a rapid decent into the hell of dodgy link scams - and there's enough of them!
  • Competitor Activity: It can be frustrating to see competitors ranking higher, especially if it's unclear what SEO strategies they're using to get there. Have they sacrificed a gerbil to achieve this result?
  • Penalties and De-Indexing: Oops, despite your best efforts, your website has penalized by search engines for unintentional violations, leading to a sudden drop in rankings. Recovering from such penalties can be a tedious process, especially when people keep telling you it's the right thing to do. Who wants this rubbish? Certainly not you!

What you'll discover in First Page Famous

We've condensed all the goodness from SEO and turned it into a 30 Day eCourse that will help you reach the first page of the search engines. Here's some of what we cover...

SEO Basics

Who are you creating content for?  What are they looking to find out? How can your content help them?

Keyword Research 

Where to add Keywords

On-Page Optimization

Content Optimization

How Your Content Can Have More Impact!

Images and how they impact SEO

Optimizing images

Formatting for Success

Remembering the next step...

AI SEO - what can you optimize using AI

Technical SEO

Simple things that have an impact that you can do in a couple of clicks.. No engineering degree required!

What are site maps?

Setting up Google Search Console

Adding your site map


Other tips and techniques that help you become First Page Famous

What SEO Plugin to use (WordPress)

Titles and how to use them (small changes here = big impact)

Social signals, what are they and do they count?

Keyword Content Clusters and how to fully use them to make the biggest impact

Hi, I'm Sarah, your course instructor

Creator of the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge, author of 10+ marketing books, and the person who won a 7 figure contract from a blog post. I know a thing or two about being First Page Famous and the positive impact that it has on your business! Oh, and another of my websites had 6 million page views a year. I suppose I should've led with that! But I don't do this alone.. I work with my husband and business partner, Kevin Arrow.  Together we'll help you achieve your search goals.

30 Day eCourse

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Action Steps

Simple to complete daily action steps to shift the needle

Content Support

Detailed instructions on creating your best content!

Come on, let's get your content on the first page!

You know, there's a running joke in the digital marketing world that the best place to hide a secret is on the second page of Google search results.
Quite cheeky, right? But it speaks volumes about why ranking on the first page is so crucial. You see, when people make a search on Google, they usually find what they're looking for among the first few results that pop up on the first page.
And that's the key - the higher your website appears in the search results, the more visibility you enjoy. Just think about it. More visibility is like having a giant neon sign in the digital world saying, "Come on in, we've got what you're searching for!" Increased visibility invariably translates into more website traffic.
It's like a bustling high street store compared to a tucked-away shop on a side street. Which one do you think gets more footfall?
Exactly! The same goes for your website. The higher you rank, the more 'digital footfall' you get. And let's not forget the crowning glory – attracting potential customers or visitors. You see, being on that first page of the search engines is like getting an implicit thumbs-up from the world's biggest search engine.
It's like them saying, "I trust this site, and you should too." And trust me, that's a big deal. It's like an open invitation to potential customers to visit your website and engage with your content, products, or services. So there you have it. Being on the first page of search engines isn't just a vanity metric. It's a pivotal part of your digital strategy that can boost visibility, increase website traffic, and attract potential customers or visitors.


How much is First Page Famous?

£ 99

Get upto 33% OFF!

Daily Emails

Resource sheets 

Checklists to speed things up

AI SEO tutorial

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it... Here's what some of our happy customers and clients say about our training! 

I consider myself a pretty savvy business owner, but I can get in my own way from time to time. One session with Sarah and I’m back on track with more clarity and focus than before. Sarah doesn’t do gobbley gook speak, she spoke like a real human, and understood my challenges, even when I didn’t, and she went above and beyond to help me. I couldn’t recommend anyone more, book a call and see for yourself, she’s brilliant!

Alice Miriam

Kevin helped me get on the right track providing so much value in the short time we met. After putting the pieces in to place, it was time to meet again. This time my business was on a new path and Kevin was able to steer in the right direction making full use of my platform and marketing tools, ensuring I continue to provide immense value for my customers and anyone else who interacts with my business. Can’t wait to see the results of our latest action plan! We will definitely be catching up again soon! Thanks

Darren Quinn

Kevin Arrow is a gifted online course expert. He masterfully guided me to explore new possibilities in the domain of course creation. His wisdom runs deep. His commitment to quality outcomes is of the highest order. Each question I posed to him was met with well-articulated answers. Kevin effortlessly demonstrates that not only is he a subject matter expert, but he has a unique gift for transferring his knowledge to others in a way that is motivating and inspires immediate implementation. I recommend Kevin without reservation for online course development trainings and consultations, as well as launch consultations.

Ozioma Egwuonwu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When you sign up for First Page Famous, all the valuable resources and knowledge are conveniently delivered straight to your inbox over 30 days. But wait, there's more!  In addition to these insightful emails, you'll also receive a unique login to our dedicated course area.

Think of it as your personal treasure trove filled with the most up-to-date materials from First Page Famous. This way, even if an email goes missing (oh, those mischievous spam filters) or takes a detour, you'll never miss out on the valuable information you need.

And here's the icing on the cake – your special course area will also house some unexpected surprises. How about some delightful unannounced bonuses to further boost your journey? They're all there to assist you, adding an extra sprinkle of excitement to your experience.  So you see, you're completely covered with us.

We're determined to ensure you have all you need to complete the program successfully and reap the maximum benefits. Can't wait for you to dive in! Let's get you famous on that first page!

 As you may already know, it's a digital product you're investing in, which means all sales are irrevocable. But don't fret! You're in for an exciting ride.  The key here is putting in the work. The Action Steps I've laid out are there to guide you to get a return on your investment.
Now, I must be honest with you. I can't pinky promise you a 100% guaranteed result.
That's simply because I don't have insights into you, your unique website, or the specific keywords you're focusing on.

 However, what I've seen time and time again is that those who roll up their sleeves and dive headfirst into the Action Steps tend to get closer to their goals. It's like a treasure map, the X marks the spot, but you've got to do the digging!  

So here's my guarantee - if you don't take the initiative and make use of these Action Steps, your situation is likely to stay the same. Change comes from action, and that's exactly what these steps are designed to prompt. So, take that leap, commit to the steps, and let's embark on this digital adventure together!  

Remember, the magic starts to happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. Let's do this!

Ask! Tag me in the Facebook group and I'll help you. And if what you're asking to do isn't possible, I'll tell you this gently. 

Let's have a little chat about something that we've all wondered about at some point – how long does it take to shimmy up to that coveted first page of Google? Now, wouldn't we all love a magic number, right? However, like most things in the world of digital marketing, it's not that straightforward. The time frame to reach that much-desired first page of the search engines is influenced by several factors. The first one is the competitiveness of your keywords. If you're using high-competition keywords, reaching the first page can be like climbing Everest without an oxygen tank! However, using well-researched, niche keywords can be your secret elevator ride to the top.

Next up, we've got the quality of your SEO efforts. Think of the search engines as a discerning judge at a talent show. They're not just looking for any performance; they want the best! Therefore, the effectiveness of your SEO strategies plays a crucial role in determining how quickly you can rise up the ranks. Then there's the authority of your website. The longer your website has been around, the more content you have, and the more reputable backlinks you've accumulated, the more the search engines trusts you. And like in any relationship, building trust takes time. So, don't be disheartened if your shiny new website takes a little longer to get to that first page.

So, how long does it take to reach the first page? The answer can vary, but it can be anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

But here's the key – consistency is your best friend on this journey. Continue to optimize your website, create high-quality, relevant content, and focus on building valuable links. These are like the jet fuel that can speed up your flight to the first page of the search engines. Remember, good things take time, and in the SEO world, it's a marathon, not a sprint. So keep at it and trust the process

Now, you might be wondering why we're not specifically naming "Google" in First Page Famous. Well, there's a perfectly good explanation for that.  You see, "Google" is a trademark, a brand name with its own legal protections. And we need to respect that by not using it without explicit permission.

 But don't worry, the cherry on top of this whole thing is that the strategies and knowledge we share in First Page Famous are not exclusively tied to one search engine.

The magic we teach here applies to all search engines, not just Google. This way, we ensure that you're not putting all your eggs in one basket but spreading the benefits across the search engine spectrum.

 And that's what we truly aim for: to empower you with an understanding of SEO that transcends one platform.  So, let's get you famous on that first page, shall we?

 First off, a hearty congratulations on completing the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge. That's no small feat, and you should be immensely proud of yourself.
The Challenge is designed to equip you with solid blogging principles, and completing it is your first major stride towards mastering the art of business blogging.  Now, if you're asking, "Should I step into the world of First Page Famous, having completed the 30-Day challenge?" Let me share my thoughts with you...

 Think of the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge as your launch pad. It's prepared you well, providing you with an understanding of the basics of business blogging, the know-how to create engaging content, and the confidence to share your insights with the world. You've learnt the importance of regular posting, engaging with your audience, and crafting quality content that offers value to your readers.

 Now, consider First Page Famous as your rocket fuel. It's designed to take all the skills you honed during the 30-Day Challenge and use them to skyrocket your blog's visibility on search engine results.  This step-up course offers a more in-depth dive into the world of SEO. You'll learn the intricacies of how search engines rank content and what you can do to enhance your blog posts' performance.
 The ultimate aim? To make your fantastic content more discoverable and get it ranking on the first page of search results.  In essence, the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge has set you up nicely for further success with First Page Famous. It's provided you with a firm foundation, and now, First Page Famous is here to build on that foundation and take your blog to new heights.  So, if you're ready to broaden your blogging horizons and yearn for that first-page fame, I'm here to accompany you on this thrilling journey. Let's get you First Page Famous!

Now, I hear you, my friend. You're asking if you can join us on the First Page Famous adventure even though you haven't done the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge.
Well, the answer is an unequivocal yes! Absolutely, you can.  

While the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge offers a solid foundation in business blogging principles, it's not a prerequisite for First Page Famous. Sure, it gives a good kick-start and some context, but not having done it doesn't bar you from jumping straight into this course.  

First Page Famous is designed to be accessible and beneficial for anyone who has a website or blog and wants to improve their visibility on search engine results. You might be a blogging newbie or an experienced writer, but if you're eager to learn how to optimize your content, understand SEO, and boost your website's ranking, then this course is for you.  The program includes step-by-step guides, clear explanations, and practical exercises that cater to various experience levels. So, whether you've done the 30 Day Business Blogging Challenge or not, if you're passionate about learning and ready to put some work in, you'll find First Page Famous a valuable resource in your journey to the top of search results.

 Just remember, every expert was once a beginner. So don't worry if you haven't done the Challenge. Let's focus on the exciting journey ahead with First Page Famous and start making your content shine bright on that first page!


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